Meet Linda Papadopoulos

Curious about our new show, Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer and want to know more? We’ve got the insight to the leading psychologist, Linda Papadopoulos.

Linda Papadopoulos

Linda Papadopoulos is a Canadian psychologist with a degree in Psychology, a MSc in Heath psychology and PhD in Psychology, and is now based in the UK.

She is a highly published author, writing several self-help books, has appeared in numerous academic articles and is now making appearances on the television.

She rose to fame after a few spot-on observations regarding the psychology behind news and current events, and now she has become a recognised face for all things True Crime and Health.

So if you think you've spotted her somewhere, you're not wrong. Linda has appeared in American and British reality and investigation shows such as History's Greatest Secrets, Celebrity Fit Club, Autopsy: Last Hours of..., Celebrity Mastermind, Big Brother, This Morning, My Naked Secret and of course, Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer.

But there's more to Linda - she's also a Founder and Director of a counseling programme in Psychology at the London Metropolitan University and spent 14 years working in the NHS as a Chartered Psychologist.

She's often enlisted to consult with large corporations who want to utilize her research and academic background, especially on consumer behaviour. Dior, Speedo and Renault have all benefited from her research and analysis on quantitative and qualitative data.

She's also running a large-scale study into the psychological effects of skin disease in collaboration with dermatologists from St Thomas Hospital.