About Inside The National Crime Agency

From an unprecedented online abuse case to a massive money laundering scheme.

About Inside The National Crime Agency

Episode 1

In 2013, the newly created National Crime Agency uncovered one of the biggest online child abuse cases ever seen in the UK. Hundreds of British teenage boys had been duped into sending indecent images of themselves to what they thought was a teenage girl online. Many were blackmailed into sending more and more images, with chilling threats made against them by an unknown abuser.

With unprecedented access inside the National Crime Agency, episode one re-tells step-by-step the hunt to find this offender - a journey that would take investigators half way across the world - and the race against time for social workers to try to locate and protect all the victims, with the numbers ever increasing.

Episode 2

Every year more than 100 billion pounds changes hands in Britain illegally. Much of the money is controlled by international criminal networks involved in drug smuggling, human trafficking, and even terrorism. Many British drug dealers outsource the cleaning of their dirty cash to specialist money laundering groups, who collect the money by hand and ensure it's paid out to the right person in the right place - anywhere in the world.

These groups operate with a strict hierarchy and a sprawling network of agents all with different roles. In episode two, viewers learn how one NCA team uncovered one such money laundering group, with agents across the country and internationally.