Is That A Nail In Your Head?

Is That a Nail in Your Head? is an American documentary television series that features shocking and true stories of medical science caught on tape.

Is That A Nail In Your Head?

A compilation of the unbelievable images of medicine at work around the world, from a human ear grown on a mouse’s back, to a man whose face was mauled off by a bear, Is That a Nail in Your Head? presents real videos, pictures and stories of miraculous medical triumphs.

The show is also a profile of survival featuring multiple stories of the real life battles of patients, many who face recovery against all odds.

Stories range from the incredible reattachment of limbs to the removal of vestigial parts of the body. Many stories include the actual video of medical procedures as they happen.

At the core of every story are the scientific advances and medical techniques that make them possible. The program makes extensive use of graphics and CGI images to take viewers inside the human body to understand the procedures as they unfold.

Interviews with doctors, researchers and technicians provide detailed explanations of the science at work while interviews with patients, their families and friends provide real life human context to each story.