Jess: My New Face

This documentary will leave you in bits. It features the remarkable, inspirational 17-year-old Jess Lee, who was born with a facial disfigurement as a result of a condition called Apert Syndrome.

Jess: My New Face

For most teenage girls, surrounded by magazines of beautiful celebrities, looks are everything. So just think how 17 year old Jess feels – she was born with a facial disfigurement that has left her in pain, both physically and emotionally.

Jess; My new face

Convinced that changing the way she looks will help her find love, Jess has already undergone twenty major operations on her face. Compelled to find out why she feels so strongly about changing the way she looks, Jess embarks on an emotional journey.

She meets women who have different perceptions of beauty – from a model who hates being beautiful to a connoisseur of cosmetic surgery who believes good looks make you powerful. She also meets other young people with disfigurements and finds out how they have learned to love with society's prejudices