Louis Theroux: Under The Knife

America's quest for outward perfection has become a full-on epidemic. Watch and wince.

Louis Theroux: Under The Knife

Louis has a history of delving into the murky underbelly of America, to root out the hidden subcultures and subterranean lifestyles of the weird, wild and wacky. But instead of investigating secret societies or crazy conspiracies, this time round Louis had his bespectacled eyes fixed firmly on something a lot more, noticeable, shall we say: the quest for outward perfection that has become a full-on epidemic on the west coast of America.

While beauty may only be skin deep the people of California go to any lengths to ensure that all-important top layer is as buffed, taut and tempting as possible. If diamonds were once a girl's best friend many beach babes and wannabe starlets are now aspiring to the surgeon’s knife. But it's not just women who crave nips and tucks, it’s the fellas too as Louis now knows all too well.

Having travelled to California, the Mecca of cosmetic surgery, Louis' ever-present charm, faux-naivety and all-round doe-eyed wonder are soon in overdrive. And his encounters with those desperate to have their imperfections remedied by the trusty scalpel are as revealing as they are enlightening.

But our Louis isn't content to simply talk about surgery. Being a fearless/foolish journalist he actually has liposuction performed on his flabby British bod. Will he be happy with his new toned looks, though? You'll just have to watch and find out.