Top ten hen party games

Have you been tasked with the honour of arranging your best friend or relatives hen do? It can be a daunting task, making sure that they have the best night or weekend of their single lives, while keeping a group of people that you may not know happy at the same time. Our guide to the top ten hen party games will help to break the ice and get all the hens involved...

Hen party ideas

Mr and Mrs

Just how well does the bride know her groom? Write a list of questions about the bride and get her future husband to answer. At the party, involve everyone by getting every hen to ask the bride-to-be one of the questions to see just how compatible they are.

Then test everyone on their 'famous weddings' knowledge!

Dress the bride

It wouldn’t be a hen do without a spot of dressing up. Split your party into several groups and arm each team with a collection of goodies including toilet paper, bows, glitter, sellotape, tin foil – go wild! Give each team 5 minutes to dress one of the group as an ‘beautiful’ bride.

Been there, done that

Get every hen to anonymously write an embarrassing or unusual story relating to men or dating. Ask the bride-to-be to read them aloud and guess who wrote what. This is a great way to break the ice if you’re in a large hen party with revealing and hilarious consequences.

Truth or dare

A classic hen party game that you can make as creative as you like. Ask every hen to write naughty hen do tasks on a piece of card and divide them into ‘truth’ or ‘dare’. Throughout the weekend/night, the hen must choose either one and fulfill to the best of her abilities.

Male model

Split your hens into teams and arm each one with a ball of play dough. Challenge them to model male body parts, giving extra points for realism and/or optimism. To add a further hilarious twist, get the artist to make the model blindfolded.

Make a man

Before the party, get the hens to take close up pictures of their boyfriend’s body parts (they don’t have to be X-rated). Print them off and get your bride to try and choose her future husbands’ correct bits and pieces to re-create her groom in full.

Pin the male on the model

We all know how Pin the Tail on the Donkey works. The player is handed the tail, blindfolded and spun around before attempting to pin the tail in the right place. For the hen do version, simply substitute the picture of the donkey for a hot male model and swap the tail for a…well, you can use your imagination!

Scavenger hunt

Break everyone up into teams and give them a list of items that they have to bring back by the end of the night. You can make this game as risqué or as tame as you like…or start with the simple items first, working your way up to the trickier items after you’ve had a few glasses of champagne.

Banned words

This is a game that can last the entire night or weekend. Start with a list of words that cannot be uttered throughout the length of the party. Whenever anyone mentions one of the words, they have to do a shot, pay a fine or do a dare. Try to use common words to ensure penalties a-plenty.

I have never

A classic hen party game that never fails to break the ice. Every person in the party takes their turn to admit something they’ve never done. If anyone in the group has done it, they get to drink up. The more shocking the confessions, the more hilarious and drunken the results!