Make My Body Younger

Drinking, smoking and binge-eating are all habits to be kicked in this series about getting healthy.

Make My Body Younger

It's time to kick binge-drinking, smoking and over-eating to the curb. Presenter George Lamb and Dr Andrew Curran are on the case to help people rein in their excessive lifestyles, get healthy and avoid developing serious problems.

About series 1

Among those under scrutiny are 23-year-old holiday rep Emma, who binge drinks six months of the year, overeats and smokes three packs of cigarettes a day. Then there’s Lee Woollard, who drinks his own vomit as a party trick, lives off junk food and enjoys long drinking sessions with his rugby-playing mates. Ben Wood has a weight problem - this 25-year-old is nearly 19 stone because of his indulgent behaviour.

Each participant goes under a "Living Autopsy" which looks at the condition of their insides. Lee and Ben discover that their bodies are functioning like those of people twice their age.

The participants get new housemates in the form of trained medical experts who will help them kick their habits, but is it enough to make them change their ways for good?

About series 2

Celebrity guest, glamour model and presenter Bianca Gascoigne kicks off the second series. Watching her stepdad struggle with drink hasn't stopped Bianca starting down the same path herself. At the celebrity parties where free drink flows like water, the young model confesses that she'll often have no idea how many times her glass has been topped up – 12 vodka mixes on top of several glasses of champagne is nothing unusual on a night out.

Insecure about her looks and lacking confidence in her ability to engage a crowd without booze, Bianca has become dependent on a mask of heavy make-up and a haze of alcohol to boost her confidence at celebrity events. But with the limelight comes the spotlight and paparazzi pictures of a drunk and disorderly Bianca make for great headlines. It’s time to take action and Bianca must start to change.