About Mary, Queen Of Shops

What Mary Portas doesn't know about shops isn't worth knowing. She's the woman who turned Harvey Nichols into a modern powerhouse of fashion and style for heaven's sake.

Mary, Queen of Shops

In Mary Queen Of Shops, Mary shares her knowledge to help get failing fashion boutiques selling again.

Each episode sees Mary try to help shops turn around their fortunes and compete with the high street chains. And in true Portas fashion, she gives it everything she's got.

Series 1

Mary's on a mission to help Britain's high street boutiques fight off competition from the fashion bigwigs, and bring in the cash once again. From a Surrey boutique which is making an annual loss of £100,000, to a small Doncaster set-up that is aiming for the party crowd with the shop name 'Homeboy' (er, really?!), Mary tries to show the boutique owners the importance of creating the right image to compliment their fashion ranges. Will she be able to convince them to shed their dated looks and take her expertise on board?

Series 3

In the midst of a recession, greengrocers, bakers and other independent shops face extinction. Mary is drafted in to find out where they're going wrong and to suggest improvements that will help shop owners turn a profit again.

Taking no prisoners, she judges everything from the feel of the carrier bags to the look of the staff. In a frank talk with the owners shows how their poor choices are slowly ruining the business. Mary then starts work on stock, decor and layout before a glamorous re-launch.

One month later, Mary pays a return visit to the shop to see whether they have stuck to her rules. Will the place be buzzing with customers or tumbleweed?