Most Haunted: Eerie episode guide

Find out what's happening in the NEW series of the ghoulishly good Most Haunted...

Most Haunted: Eerie episode guide

Ep: 1 The Royal Court Theatre – Bacup

The world famous ghost hunting team return for a new series and start in a small theatre with a big problem...ghosts. Once an iron foundry this theatre has stood since 1893 and is said to house so much activity that the theatre’s director asked Most Haunted for help. In a night of sheer fright with poltergeist activity, ghostly footsteps abound and scare after scare, will the team make it through the night?

Ep 2: Newton House Part 1 – Wales – Celebrity Special with Bullet for My Valentine:

The first of a two-part investigation with celebrity guests, world famous band ‘Bullet for My Valentine’. An old house said to be built on cursed land and filled with evil meet the team in this spin-chilling episode. The band have their beliefs changed as they experience the full force of a house that just doesn’t seem to want them there. One of the team succumbs to the horror of the house, a poltergeist takes a dislike to some and a wheelchair gives some of most compelling evidence yet.

Ep 3: Newton House Part 2 – Wales – Celebrity Special with Bullet for My Valentine:

Part 2 of this spin-chilling episode. Nursing their wounds from the last episode the team and their celebrity guests ‘Bullet For My Valentine’ carry on. They investigate deeper into the abyss of the paranormal but none of them are quite prepared for what happens.

Ep 4: The Galleries of Justice - Nottingham:

The legendary ghost hunters continue in Nottingham and a place where people could be jailed, sentenced and executed without even leaving the building, no wonder it is said to be one of the most haunted places in Great Britain. The team are tested as a mysterious poltergeist takes a dislike to Karl and Stuart, while Yvette is faced with being followed by a foul smelling spirit and experiences her most compelling evidence yet.

Ep 5: Delapre Abbey - Northampton – Celebrity Special with the English Rugby Team:

The team are joined by five members of the English rugby team as they investigate an all but forgotten piece of British history. With spooks galore and spirits abound the whole investigation takes a new turn when one of the Rugby team is given some information on an ouija board that he will never forget and a poltergiest takes a dislike to the rest of team.

Ep 6: The National Emergency Services Museum - Sheffield:

A terrifying place full of history and paranormal activity. The team are tested as the try to find the spirits that refuse to leave this famous location. For one crew member the experience proves to much, while the others are tested to the extreme.

Ep 7: Ye Olde Kings Head – Chester:

The Great British pub may be on the decline but in some paranormal activity seems to be on the rise and the Ye Olde Kings Head is one of the most haunted. Plagued with a  variety of different strange happenings the owners are at their wits end and call in the Most Haunted team. With poltergiest activity abound the Olde Kings Head is a worthy opponent.

Ep 8: Drakelow Tunnels - Kidderminster:

With over 4 miles of haunted tunnels the team have one night to investigate this labyrinth of horror. Alone in the dark with no chance of escape until the night is completed the team are faced with countless spirits that refuse to leave, a lost soul that lurks in the shadows waiting to jump out at any unsuspecting visitor and a particularly nasty poltergeist that is said to be very unhappy with anyone entering its space.

Ep 9 & 10: Saltmarshe Hall –Yorkshire:

Saltmarshe Hall is a mysterious, haunted house of complete contrasts. Beneath the property lies a network of corridors and cellar rooms and the abandoned North Wing has sat empty for over 70 years, apart from the ghosts said to wander the corridors and rooms. The team uncover another level of the house that even the present owners have never ventured and what they find will frighten them beyond belief.