The Wentworth Ghost, Fake or Not?

Yvette Fielding and Glen Hunt address the elephant in the room. Was the Wentworth ghost sighting faked?

The Wentworth Ghost Fake or Not?

The Wentworth Ghost. Caught on camera?

In episode 2 of the new series of Most Haunted (Series 5) the team capture what they believe is genuine paranormal activity while investigating the Wentworth Woodhouse. To dispel rumours and claims of fakery Yvette and Glen walk us through the process of capturing this evidence, in a Really website exclusive. The Wentworth Ghost.

Yvette admits "that is an amazing piece of footage, and the first time I saw it, I actually burst into tears."

"I was so excited and overwhelmed with the fact that, all of these years on Most Haunted, to me, that is the best piece of paranormal evidence."

I actually burst into tears.

- Yvette Fielding

Glen Hunt, the resident sceptic on Most Haunted, gets into the nitty and gritty and takes us through the technical side of the investigation. Revealing that the footage "couldn't possibly be tampered with". Showing that the evidence is visible on the raw footage straight from the camera.

People would assume that it was drawn on in post-production... Totally out of the question.

- Glen Hunt

The pair discuss if the phenomena ghosting has effected the camera. Ghosting is when a previously recorded clip on the camera overlays with new footage captured. This is debunked due to the footage being recorded on memory cards rather than magnetic tape.

Yvette and other members of the team believe what they have captured is evidence of Stone Tape Theory, the speculation that ghosts and hauntings are analogous to tape recordings, and that electrical mental impression released during emotional or traumatic events can somehow be "stored" in moist rocks and other items and "replayed" under certain conditions.

If we were going to fake this, why would we fake it with Stuart?

- Yvette Fielding

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