How it All Unfolded

They’d only been together for four months, but by the time Emily Longley was strangled to death, her boyfriend Elliot Turner was convinced she was having an affair and had burned into a jealous rage.

Emily Longley with her mother, Caroline.

Emily Longley with her mother, Caroline.

Emily was born in England but moved to New Zealand with her family when she was young. At 17, Emily decided to move to Bournemouth and live with her grandparents while studying at Brokenhurst College.

It was during her time in Bournemouth that she met 20-year-old Elliot Turner.

Elliot grew up in a life of luxury, attending expensive public schools in Bournemouth, and he and his friends were well known around the bars and clubs of Bournemouth and Poole.

He funded his lifestyle through handouts from his parents, Leigh and Anita Turner, and was known as All Talk Turner for all his boasting.

Not long after Emily and Elliot started seeing each other, Elliot began to show signs of extreme jealousy and obsession - eventually making threats to kill Emily.

On one note written to Elliot, Emily said 'I love you. Don't say you will kill me. Stop talking about your ex-girlfriend and stop being so constantly aggressive.'

Even when she returned home to New Zealand to visit family, Elliot monitored her activities through Facebook.

It was during these late nights that he became incensed when he thought she was seeing other men. When she returned to Bournemouth, his obsession, angers and fears increased, and resulted in Emily being strangled by Elliot in his bedroom in the early hours of May 7, 2011.