My Penis & I

Let's face it - most men are obsessed with their tackles. From changing room banter with the lads to worrying about whether they're 'man enough' for the ladies, willy size is a constant source of conversation for many men (and women!).

My Penis and I

Lawrence Barraclough is a man obsessed with his penis size, utterly convinced that it's tiny. This documentary follows Lawrence on a two year journey to discover whether size really does matter and charts the effect his penis has had on his life, family and relationship with his girlfriend of nine years.

In a quest to find out more about his obsession with the size of his manhood, Lawrence travels to Birmingham to speak to his parents. Yes, that's right, Lawrence talks to both his mum and dad about his issues, with the former revealing that her son comes from a long line of men with small penises!

Lawrence also interviews girls on a night out who try to convince him that it's all in his head and it's what you do with it that counts. In an attempt to uncover whether bigger really is better, he visits Cynthia Plastercaster, a famous groupie who takes plaster-casts of rock stars' erect penises, returns to school where he was bullied about the size of his appendage and visits a support group in America for men with the same issue.

You have to hand it to Lawrence - it takes balls to make such an incredibly personal documentary.