Meet The New Paranormal Investigators

Jack Kenna

"I was getting the chills, a heaviness feeling, the impression that I should leave…but, as an investigator I supress those feelings"

A member of SPIRITS of New England, New England's most experienced ghost hunter.

He is also a Tech Specialist and writer for the New York Chapter. Born in Troy, NY in January 1963, Jack grew up in an area rich in history, legends, and documented haunted graveyards, historical buildings and Revolutionary Battlefields. 

Jack's interest in the paranormal started at a very young age. This was driven by the fact that his mother had many experiences of her own which she often relayed to him.  The home he grew up in and now raises his family in also helped to peak his interest in the paranormal, in addition to his wife and their seven children it is also home to what he refers to as a friendly spirit, which seems to keep an eye out for the family.

Alan & Anna Tolf
I felt sick to my stomach…it was evil, it went completely evil - Anna Tolf

I felt sick to my stomach…it was evil, it went completely evil - Anna Tolf

Alan a former criminal investigator of 28 years runs a paranormal investigation firm with his daughter Anna. The two investigate as a duo and specialise in gathering audio, video and photographic evidence.

"I have been investigating the paranormal for a long time, nothing like this has happened to me before" - Alan Tolf

karla Zuzic

Paranormal veteran, investigating over 300 cases. A member and project manager of the Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits. Tormented as a child be violent hauntings.

"We come in and help the client, we get a resolution and we validate what they're experiencing. Helping people"

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