Join Our Live Online Ghost Hunt with Yvette Fielding!

Get your costumes ready! This Thursday, we’ll be celebrating Halloween in spine-tingling style. We’re going to be in a haunted house with ghost hunting legend Yvette Fielding and streaming it here on the REALLY website. Brave your way through our LIVE stream and pray you make it to the other side. Mwah-ha-ha!

Haunted Live Stream With Yvette Fielding

Halloween could be about to get even more terrifying as we announce a first of a kind live-stream. To celebrate the return of our spooktacular show Paranormal Witness, brave scare-seekers should tune into the Really homepage from 20:00-00:00 as cameras transmit LIVE from one of the UK’s most haunted locations, The Old Rectory at Cheam, in the hope of catching some paranormal goings-on.

Yvette Fielding, renowned presenter of the paranormal and supernatural scientist, will host the live-stream from The Old Rectory. The 16th Century Tudor house in Surrey is notorious for its reputed ghost sightings. Yvette will be updating you all with any unusual goings on at intervals throughout the evening. She will also be chatting live via the hashtag #GhostsOnReally during the streaming @reallytvchannel

On the night at 8 pm, click HERE to view the LIVE stream. That's if you dare...

The local area is also saturated with hundreds of years of turbulent history. The owners and guests of the house have reported many incidents including apparitions of over seven, (yes, SEVEN!) ghosts, sudden icy blasts of air in warm rooms, sensations of being touched and tickled, and smells of blood. Scary canary or what?!

Cameras will transmit from four principle locations in the house:

Master Bedroom Suite:

A housemaid named Marie Borrodale haunts the room and complains about her discomfort from the ties on her hat digging into her chin. Marie died suddenly from a small plague outbreak in the 1640s.

Three Royalist soldiers who were seeking refuge at the house during the Civil War, one of whom died, have also been seen in this room.

The door between the bedroom and bathroom regularly opens with no one on the other side.

Old Laundry Annexe:

Haunted by the house’s former laundry maid, who wanders the rooms complaining about being molested by an upper-class visitor to the house. The maid reputedly hanged herself from a washing hook in the building.

Living Room:

The house is near Ewell, an old Roman site approximately one day’s march from London, and often the first place Roman soldiers would stay en route to the south coast of England. Reports of marching feet and clattering armour abound from the living room.


The cellar, which has an oppressive atmosphere, was used in the past as the village’s detention centre, where thieves and drunks would be kept before being taken away to prison. Voices have been heard from people complaining they had been there too long. Reports also abound of people saying they have felt things brush against or touch them.

Yvette Fielding tells us: “This is such an exciting event for me – I encourage everyone to tune in to the Really website, as the Old Rectory appears to offer a very good chance of witnessing paranormal happenings!”

If you are feeling brave enough to join the live-stream on the most frightening day of the year, tune into on your computer, mobile or tablet device and get involved with the Twitter chat using the hashtag #GhostsOnReally. You might not want to watch alone!