Friday the 13th facts!

Friday the 13th! Do you stay inside or venture out into the unlucky unknown...

Friday the 13th facts!


Friday the 13th is apparently the most feared day of the year! According to a British study, you have a 52% increased risk of accidents than any other Friday and those with a fear of the 'day' might just be safer staying indoors. Some people are so scared of Friday the 13th that they would never even think of doing things like:

  • Getting Married
  • Flying on Aeroplanes
  • Sailing
  • Walking under Ladders
  • Looking at a Black Cat
  • Travelling to the 13th Floor
  • Going to Dinner Parties
  • Starting New Projects

Some people will genuinely take the day off and stay indoors to avoid these things. Some people even going as far as to give themselves nick names for the day if they have 13 letters in their own. Crazy! Well maybe...

Friday the 13th is actually considered a phobia and is called - Paraskevidekatriaphobia. We promise we didn't just make that up, that's the official name. (We dare you to try saying that with out sounding drunk!) It is the mix of two phobias; one being the fear of Friday and the other of 13. Why would anyone be scared of Friday I hear you ask. Well, there's good reason actually...


Lets first start with Friday. Friday is considered bad due to Christian belief, apparently all things bad happen on a Friday in the Bible. For example, the crucifixion of Jesus, Eve eating the apple and even the 'Great Flood'. Why does God hate Friday's so much? What's to hate, the weekend, TGI Friday's? As well as religious beliefs branding Friday as unlucky, there are many other bad Fridays...

Sailors are considered quite superstitious at the best of times and back when Britain 'ruled the waves' even more so. Superstition back then lead to sailors refusing to sail on a Friday. This problem got so out of hand that the British military decided to quash the superstition with a plan. They decided to call a boat the HMS Friday. HMS Friday set sail on a Friday and even had a captain called James Friday! So was the superstition quashed... NO, instead HMS Friday went missing and was never found... oh. (Maybe we could send Ghost Adventures to solve this one)

Now onto the the number 13! Well... 13 has always been unlucky by the looks of things, so much so that some buildings actually miss out the 13th floor, roads miss out the 13th house and in America the 13th street and avenue! 13 has been unlucky since man started writing. This is from Loki (Greek God) becoming the Evil 13th to a party leading to the death of a God through to the Last Supper where 13 members attended and the 13th to arrive was Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus. Due to this, it's considered unlucky to have a dinner party with 13 people and if this happens one member of the party will die that year! As well as this dinner fest of unluckiness, 13 is also linked to King Philip IV burning the Knights Templars at the stake on Friday the 13th, and it became known as the day of evil!


Only 12 movies have been made about the day. If I was a Director I would definitely cash in on this day of terror! Or at least make 13 movies... As well as this, businesses lose an average of 6-9 million pounds on this day of the year as people don't go about their daily business like shopping or flying, etc.


So there are lots of reason to fear this day - But don't worry too much, even if you do have to lock yourself away and change your name, it's only one day... just don't break a mirror, that's seven years bad luck!

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