Ghosts gone bad

Not all ghosts lurk about moaning in floaty robes. Some ghosts are habitual badasses who just can’t help being anti-social, even in the afterlife. Here some some of the most heinous examples of ghosts behaving badly.

Ghosts gone bad

The old adage might be that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. However, some ghosts aren’t content with a little light haunting, and seem to want to inflict real damage on those still living. Is it vengeance for the manner of their death, or just a refusal to abandon the violent ways of their living years? These shocking ghosts prove that you can behave as disgracefully in the next world as in this one.

No more than two ghosts in this shop at a time

Most people grow out of hanging around the local newsagents pilfering sweets and winding up the owner. But not the ghost caught on camera in a grocery store in Brompton, South Australia. The security footage captures packets of fruit sweets being flung from the shelves onto the floor in the empty shop. A possible explanation is that a boxer was shot outside the supermarket 14 years ago. Could the sweet-loving spook in fact be the petulant ghost of the deceased pugilist?

Joyriding ghosts

More unsavoury teenage behaviour that continues into the afterlife seems to be joyriding. Reports of both phantom cars and cars without drivers are numerous. One of these was captured on police video in Garden City, Georgia and featured in an episode of Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. In the video a driverless white car is shown leading the police into a chase, speeding up to a hair-raising pace before driving through a chain-link fence which remained intact with no signs of damage.

Spooky transvestite

Of course we support the right of any individual to present themselves as the gender they choose – and that extends to our paranormal brothers and sisters. We found an intriguing story from amateur ghost enthusiast, dating from 1997. Philip Delgado was travelling with his wife in Zambales when at around 2 am he saw what appeared to be a female figure by the roadside. On closer inspection he saw that not only was the figure floating, it was also male. He notes the outfit was like a Geisha, which of course is a glamorous look, even on a male ghost. Right on.

When ghosts attack

A haunting is frightening enough, but most ghosts don’t go so far as to physically attack the people they stalk. Sadly some ghosts clearly have issues, and incidents of slapping, pulling hair and scratching are not unusual. If that all sounds a bit girlie, what about this story, of a ghost pushing their victim down the stairs? A woman named Melanie S. went for dinner at the supposedly-haunted Gentleman Jim’s restaurant in Florida in 1982. After a dinner lit by a constantly swaying overhead light, Melanie says she was forcibly pushed down the stairs as she left. The vengeful ghost of a woman killed on the nearby railway track in the 1920s was, she felt, the only possible culprit.

While you were sleeping

Sex activity with ghosts is a part of many countries’ mythologies and has even made it into classical art and novels. An incubus is the name for a male demon, a succubus a female demon preying on sleeping men. Although scientists attribute the amorous ghost encounters to sleep paralysis, victims of such attacks are still present in our culture today. Unbelievably, though for many people this attentions are unwanted, some report it the experience as ecstatic.