Top 10 Ghost Adventures lockdowns of all time

For the uninitiated, a "lockdown" is when Zak, Nick and Aaron shack up with blood-curdling spectres and phantoms for a night. Hey, it's a living. And here are the 10 best so far…

Top 10 Ghost Adventures lockdowns of all time

10. Bird Cage Theater

The boys had a rootin' tootin' time in the legendary Wild West city of Tombstone. Here, they hung out in the Bird Cage, an old theatre, saloon, brothel and all-round place to shoot people from the days of Wyatt Earp. As well as hearing the phantom sounds of decks of cards being shuffled, Zak caught a glimpse of a glowing blue face and Aaron's leg was grabbed by unseen forces while he was under a hearse. Well, if you're GOING to go under a hearse…

9. Linda Vista Hospital

Linda Vista Hospital may have a pleasant sounding name, but in its "heyday" it was in the blood-splattered frontline of the gang wars of East LA. It's here that gun-toting killers and innocent injured bystanders were rushed, and during their lockdown the boys heard the eerie sounds of patients hoarsely breathing. Nick went one better and actually saw a female ghost. Lucky it wasn't Zak or he'd only have asked her on a date.

8. Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel has a special place in the hearts of horror fans everywhere, because it was the inspiration for Stephen King's classic tale, The Shining. Zak and the gang may not have seen any axe-wielding maniacs, but they did have a grand old time running down endless corridors, barking through doors and eating cookies. Well, all work and no play makes Zak a dull boy…

7. Sloss Furnaces

Built in 1881, Sloss Furnaces is a giant deathtrap of a place – all cracked metal towers and rickety long ladders. It's no wonder so many workers apparently died here when it was operational, and Zak actually saw a phantom clad in the distinctive overalls of the men who toiled there. Aaron also got poked in the eye, but most worrying of all was the ghostly voice which seemed to intone "I hate Zak". Yikes.

6. Alcatraz

Come on, the notorious prison island of Alcatraz was always going to make this list. Approaching by boat, even Zak was impressed when they first saw it looming out of the rain-lashed twilight. Things got eerier inside, when glowing red eyes were glimpsed in long-deserted cells and the guys started to get a real bad vibe from some parts of the prison. Yeah, spending the night in Alcatraz will do that to you.

5. Villisca Axe Murder House

In 1912, in the town of Villisca in Iowa, a well-to-do family plus two kids staying over for the night were hacked to death in their sleep. The killer was never caught. Unsurprisingly, their perfectly preserved home made for one of the most terrifying lockdowns in Ghost Adventures history, with the boys hearing voices saying "I killed six kids", "You're gonna give up blood" and "Wanna play?" Frankly, it's a wonder they didn't all run screaming into the night.

4. Winchester Mystery House

Built by eccentric heiress Sarah Winchester over 38 years, the Winchester Mystery House is a labyrinth of strange staircases, secret passages and corridors that lead nowhere, along with no fewer than 160 rooms. Being trapped inside seemed to make Aaron go a bit funny – or perhaps he was possessed? Either way, it freaked Zak out, and the lockdown was eventually called off. Later, it turned out Zak's grandmother had died that same night, around the same time he'd got so upset inside the house.

3. Bobby Mackey's Music World

The very first episode of Ghost Adventures was set in Bobby Mackey's Music World, said to be the haunted nightclub in America. The boys started as they meant to go on: howling in terror. Not that we blame Zak for yelping a lot, given that a strange entity tore claw marks down his back. "It's like burning," he shrieked. And then, in case we didn't get that, he said it again. And again. And again. It was like burning, apparently.

2. Ancient Ram Inn

The gang headed over to the UK to visit the Ancient Ram Inn, located on a pagan burial ground and apparently haunted by a succubus. Or, in the words of the inn's grizzled owner, "something that wakes you up in the night, wanting to have sex with you". You'd think Zak would have been up for that, but the strange headaches, terrifying growls and morbid apparitions weren't exactly conducive to romance.

1. Preston Castle

The top spot has to go to Preston Castle, once a home for America's most violent underage offenders. With its turrets and gargoyles it’s like something from a gothic horror film, but the scariest thing was the effect it had on Zak. After laying flowers on the grave of Anna Corbin, a housekeeper apparently murdered on the premises, he seemed to be possessed by her spirit. Not in a comical Exorcist-type way, but in a quiet, stony-faced, really quite creepy sort of way. Run away, run away!