Yvette Fielding: 'A ghost once tried it on with my husband!'

Photos: REX/McPix Ltd Yvette Fielding

Photos: REX/McPix Ltd

She's the first lady of British ghost-hunting and the presenter of spookfest, Most Haunted. As one of the most renowned paranormal investigators in the UK, she also recently hosted our phenomenally successful haunted live stream on Halloween.

Not one to rest on her laurels, the gorgeous ghost-hunter has finally answered all our paranormal prayers and put the finishing touches to a NEW series of Most Haunted. We recently caught up with telly legend to talk celebrity ghosts, partying with those mad-fer-it Northerners and of course, Wonky Lamp!

The haunted live stream went well, didn't it?

It was a special night. I very much enjoyed it and was left very shaken and stirred! It was an inspired idea to do a live stream - this allowed the fans to interact directly with us via twitter. I have such a loyal, passionate fan base. It was fun to do something together for Halloween. Through twitter and Facebook, they were able to direct where they wanted us to go in the house as well as helpfully pointing out spooky stuff caught on the live-cams!

Indeed, the twittersphere lit up like a Christmas tree!

I know! The fans reported strange sounds, orbs and moving objects. We trended on twitter throughout the night - hitting the top spot on several occasions. The REALLY website even crashed at one point. We created a monster!

There was a lot of chat about a certain lamp...

That'll be 'Wonky Lamp,' my nemesis! Did you know that it has it's own twitter account? I love stuff like that! Did I take wonky lamp home with me at the end of the night? Ha, that would be telling!

Have you always believed in ghosts?

No, I was a latecomer. I didn't experience paranormal activity until I was 31. I was staying at my mum's house when I awoke during the night to see the ghost of a man in a solider's uniform at the foot of my bed. I screamed and ran to my mum's bedroom where I spent the remainder of the night. I was petrified! I did some research and apparently a soldier from World War II sadly committed suicide by jumping in front of a train very near to where my mum lives. It was after that eerie encounter, that I found myself increasingly drawn to the supernatural.

Met any celeb ghosts along your travels?

Weirdly, Oliver Cromwell communicated with me via a ouija board. That was certainly an evening to remember. We double-checked afterwards and all the information he gave us was historically correct.

You work alongside your husband Karl. Does that ever drive you mad?

I love working with Karl. I only ever get cross when he goes into daredevil mode and puts himself in danger. When you enter a haunted building, you have no idea of what you're dealing with. When we visited the Edinburgh Vaults, Karl pushed his luck and ended up being attacked by a spirit. He was scratched so badly that he required medical attention. Karl's also been the recipient of some amorous advances from ghosts too!

Really? What happened there?

A few years ago, we performed a seance in a castle. We ended up getting in touch with the spirit of the lady of the house and she took a shine to Karl. She told us via a ouija board, 'Karl is MINE!' I was very quick to put my foot down. Hands off my man!

You must love horror movies...

Believe it or not, I'm terrified of horror movies. I will literally cower behind a cushion if something scary comes on TV. Stuff like that plays with my imagination too much.

Any famous ghosts out there you're dying to meet?

I would love an audience with Elvis. I'm a huge fan and I believe he died in mysterious circumstances. I'd very much like to get to the bottom of how, when and why he died. I've always thought there were discrepancies in what was reported at the time about his death.

You've ghost-hunted with a whole host of celebs. Who stands out?

Louis Walsh joined us for 'Ghost Hunting with Boyzone' in Edinburgh. At first, Louis and the boys were very sceptical and mucked about. Particularly Louis, who kept on cracking jokes. I had to tell him off and set him straight. However, once we started to experience paranormal activity - they soon changed their tune! By the end of the night, they were nervous wrecks!

I loved going ghost-hunting with The Happy Mondays. They were up for anything and we had a fun night. As renowned hell-raisers, they were up for an all-nighter. It reached a point at 6 am where the ghosts were like, 'Can we please go to bed now please? We're partied out!'

Any tips for members of the public looking to go on their own ghost-hunts?

Always do your research first. Find a reputable ghost club that has some history behind it. Don't just join the club closest to your house. I'd also recommend taking a friend along with you for a second opinion. And please be very careful when picking a medium. There are an awful lot of charlatans our there who prey on vulnerable people - particularly those going through a bereavement.

Please tell us Most Haunted is coming back!

It is! A new series of Most Haunted will be on TV later this year. We'll be making further announcements soon. We're so excited. This new series looks set to be our best yet. We've got some exciting celebrities joining us and there'll be more hair-raising moments than you shake an en ectoplasm stick at!