Eric survived a lightning strike

In 2009, Eric was at an air cadets event. Whilst he was cooking some sausages on a barbecue his fork was caught by lightning and the 81-thousand-volt lightning bolt went straight through the right-hand-side of his body.

He fell unconscious and was rushed straight to hospital. "I was screaming with pain" said Eric and he spent the next 7 weeks in hospital. He is still managing the effects today - the lightning has caused his kidneys and liver to shrivel, and he needed several operations over the years.

"I suffer from a constant headache and I'm in constant pain. I feel pressure in my head and can feel whenever there is storm brewing. It has changed my personality too, I now have a really short fuse and am really bad tempered" shared Eric.

Eric is extremely lucky to be alive, if the lightening had struck his left-hand-side he wouldn't be here today. His body is also covered in scars from the incident.

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