Duration: 01:33

In 2009, Eric was at an air cadets event, whilst he was cooking the sausages his fork was caught by lightening and the 81 thousand volt lightening bolt went straight through the right hand side of his body. He fell unconscious and was rushed straight to hospital “I was screaming with pain” he spent the next 7 weeks in hospital. He is still suffering the effects, the lightening caused his kidneys and liver to shrivel and he needed several operations over the years. “I suffer from a constant headache, I’m in constant pain, I feel pressure in my head and can feel whenever there is storm brewing, it has changed my personality too, I now have a really short fuse and am really bad tempered.” Eric is extremely lucky to be alive if the lightening had struck his left hand side he wouldn’t be here today. His body is also covered in scars from the incident.