Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wournos

NAME: Aileen Wuornos

CONVICTION: 6 counts of 1st degree murder

SPAN OF MURDERS: 1989-1990


SENTENCE: Death by lethal Injection

DATE OF BIRTH: 29/02/1956

DATE OF DEATH: 09/10/2002 (Lethal Injection)


Aileen Wuornos is a serial killer and prostitute who was sentenced to the lethal injection for the murder of six men between 1989 and 1990. Born in Rochester, Michigan, Aileen was a victim of sexual abuse from a young age and was kicked out of her family home as a teen. Due to her having a criminal record, she began making a living working as a prostitute on Florida's highways, eventually murdering her first victim in 1989 after he tried to solicit her services, and going on to carry out murders of five more men afterwards. Her story has been depicted many times over the years, including in the 2003 film Monster.