Albert DeSalvo

Albert DeSalvo

NAME: Albert DeSalvo


SPAN OF MURDERS: 1962-1964

NUMBER OF VICTIMS: 13 (Disputed)

SENTENCE: Life Imprisonment

DATE OF BIRTH: 03/09/1931

DATE OF DEATH: 25/11/1973 (Stabbed to death in his cell)


Albert DeSalvo was dubbed the 'Boston Strangler'. He grew up in Boston, Massachusetts with four siblings. All of which were subjected to their alcoholic father's beatings of their mother. DeSalvo had a bizarre pastime in which he would knock on women's front doors claiming to be a model scout and would proceed to 'measure them up'. Due to this he received 18 months in prison for sexual harassment. His life sentence was due to him being found guilty of multiple acts of rape. He later admitted to 13 murders, but some people believe this omission to be false. No one was tried for the Boston murders, but DeSalvo is widely believed to be the killer. He was stabbed to death in his cell on 25th November 1973.