Allan Legere

Allan Legere

NAME: Allan Legere

CONVICTION: Murder and Arson

SPAN OF MURDERS: 1986-1989


SENTENCE: Life imprisonment (without possibility for parole for 25 years)

DATE OF BIRTH: 13/02/1948

CURRENT STATUS: Prison (under the special handling unit)


In 1989 Allan Legere brutally ended the lives of 4 defenceless residents in his home community of the Miramichi, New Brunswick. Having been convicted of murder 3 years previously, Legere had brazenly escaped from prison during a hospital visit and remained on the run for 6 months. Intent on revenge, he had returned to his hometown, hiding out in the woods in daylight hours but stalking the community at night. Halloween was cancelled and the streets lay empty but the residents weren't safe from Allan Legere - his attacks were prolonged and vicious, torturing his victims and often setting their houses ablaze to cover his tracks. Legere's ultimate act of revenge against his home town was the murder of his local catholic priest.
Legere was finally captured and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1991.