Anthony Hardy

Anthony Hardy

NAME: Anthony Hardy




SENTENCE: Sentenced to life in prison

DATE OF BIRTH: 31/05/1951

STATUS: Life in prison

MORE INFO: In January 2002 police were called to the block of flats where Hardy lived after a neighbour complained that someone had vandalised her front door and that she strongly suspected Hardy. When the police investigated Hardy's flat, they found a locked door and, despite his claims to the contrary, police found that Hardy had a key. In the room the police found the naked dead body of a woman lying on a bed with cuts and bruises to her head. A coroner subsequently determined the woman had died of a heart attack. Hardy spent a short time in jail for the vandalism offence then was releasd. On December 30th 2002, a homeless man hunting for food in some bins found some of the dismembered remains of two women found stuffed in bin-liners. The investigation lead to Anthony Hardy, who was arrested a week later. He had gone on the run but had been spotted by an off-duty policeman when he went to collect a prescription for psychiatric drugs. A search of his flat found that there was evidence, including old bloodstains, that indicated the two women had been killed and dismembered there. Both had died over the Christmas holidays.