Bill Suff

Bill Suff

NAME: William Suff


SPAN OF MURDERS: 1974-1992


DATE OF BIRTH: 20/08/1950

CURRENT STATUS: Death row at San Quentin State Prison


During the early 1990's Bill Suff murdered and mutilated at least 12 women in Riverside County. As the task force hunted their unknown killer, Suff would brazenly work with police officers as a clerk in the County Sheriff's department. But beneath his placid, helpful demeanour lay a festering resentment against women - a hatred that was displayed in the humiliating posing and mutilation of his defenceless victims left strewn across the county. His solid upbringing hadn't raised any red flags but Bill Suff grew in to a controlling monster who bullied women and even battered his own children. When he turned to murder he proved to be a calculating, elusive adversary for authorities but was eventually captured and sentenced to death in 1995. He remains on death row to this day.