Charles Albright


NAME: Charles Albright


SPAN OF MURDERS: 1990-1991

NUMBER OF VICTIMS: 1 Known (suspected of killing 2 others)

SENTENCE: Life in prison without parole

DATE OF BIRTH: 10/08/1933



During the early 1990's Charles Albright is thought to have callously murdered three women in Dallas in order to satisfy his bizarre taste for mutilation. As an adopted child in the 1930's Albright was brought up in a strict household but shared an unusual pastime with his mother. Taxidermy developed in to a true passion but the frugal parent would never allow the young boy to insert any eyes - instead he had to be satisfied with buttons. This experience would spark an obsession that would steadily grow until in 1990, 57 year old Charles Albright struck terror though Oak Cliff's red light district with a string of unprecedented murders marked by the horrific extraction of the victims' eyes.
Charles Albright received a life sentence in 1991 and remains in prison to this day.