Cleophus Prince Jr.

Prince Jr.

NAME: Cleophus Prince Jr.


SPAN OF MURDERS: 1990-1990


SENTENCE: Death by lethal injection

DATE OF BIRTH: 24/7/1967

CURRENT STATUS: Death row at San Quentin


In 1990 the Clairemont area of San Diego was left terrified for their safety as this ruthless serial killer stabbed 6 women to death in their homes. Prince moved from Birmingham Alabama to San Diego with his job as a Navy machinist but was quickly discharged for stealing a postal money order. Soon after this event his killing spree started at the age of 22; within 1 year in 1990 he stabbed six women in their own homes and sparked the largest police manhunt in the city of San Diego's history. Unlike most serial killers, Cleophus killed outside his race, which made him all the more difficult to capture. Prince already knew the consequences of killing as his own father, also named Cleophus, had already served time in prison for murder. Cleophus Prince Jr remains on death row in San Quentin Prison.