Peter Moore

Serial killer Peter Moore

NAME: Peter Moore


SPAN OF MURDERS: 1995-1995


SENTENCE: Life in prison

DATE OF BIRTH: 1940 (date not known)


MORE INFO: During 1995, Peter Moore brutally murdered four men in the coastal communities of North Wales. To many, Moore was a respected entrepreneur running a chain of local cinemas but in reality the 49 year old was a sadistic killer who was targeting men at night.

Although close to his mother, as an effeminate child, Moore shared a strained relationship with his father, reportedly suffering episodes of bullying and drunken abuse. Years later, as an openly gay man, Moore would increasingly look to exert control, dominating his male staff in his hardware shop and often taking them on as lovers. But, in reality, his private life had a far darker side - from the 1970s until the early 90s, Moore would dress in black and hunt at night, committing scores of sexual assaults on local men around the Conwy Valley.

The death of his doting mother in 1994 triggered a horrific escalation of violence as 'The Man in Black' turned to murder, ending the lives of 4 men in a matter of months. In 1996, Peter Moore was sentenced to life imprisonment and remains incarcerated to this day.