Ray and Faye Copeland

Elderly Executioners

NAME: Ray and Faye Copeland


SPAN OF KILLINGS: 1986 - 1989


SENTENCE: Ray was sentenced to five counts of murder and sentenced to death. Faye was convicted of four counts of murder and one count of manslaughter. She was given four death sentences.

DATE OF BIRTH: Ray - 30/12/1914 Faye - 04/08/1921


MORE INFO: A previous employee of the Copelands, Jack McCormick, called the Crime Stoppers hotline in August 1989 to tell them about the Copelands. McCormick claimed that he had seen human bones on the farm while he was employed there and also claimed that Ray had tried to kill him. Police were initially sceptical of the claims, but after further searching of the Copeland farm, three bodies of young men were discovered in a nearby barn. It became clear that Ray was a cold-blooded murderer who killed his employees in the pursuit of money, but Faye's actions were initially questioned. During the investigation, a piece of evidence came into light that connected her to the crimes as well: a quilt she had made out of the clothing of the dead men. Following their sentencing, Ray, upon hearing that Faye had been sentenced to death by lethal injection as well, showed no emotion and his reply reportedly was, "Well, those things happen to some, you know." However, neither execution took place.