Stephen Griffiths

Crossbow Cannibal

NAME: Stephen Griffiths


SPAN OF KILLINGS: 2009 - 2010


SENTENCE: Sentenced to life imprisonment.

DATE OF BIRTH: 24/12/1969

CURRENT STATUS: Life imprisonment.

MORE INFO: The Bradford Murders were three serial killings of prostitutes in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire in 2009 and 2010. 43 year old Susan Rushworth disappeared on 22nd June 2009, followed by 31 year old Shelley Armitage on 26th April 2010 and 36 year old Suzanna Blamires on 21st May of the same year. Stephen Shaun Griffiths, was arrested on 24th May and subsequently charged with killing the three women. Parts of Blamires's body were found in the River Aire in Shipley, near Bradford, on 25th May. Other himan tissue found in the same river was later established to belong to Armitage. No remains of Rushworth have ever been found. While in prison, Griffiths has attempted suicide on several occasions.