Vlado Taneski

Vlado Teneski

NAME: Vlado Taneski


SPAN OF KILLINGS: 2005 - 2008


SENTENCE: Sentenced for murder


CURRENT STATUS: Committed suicide by drowning himself in a bucket of water.

MORE INFO: Taneski came under suspicion for murder after having written articles about the murders of three women in Macedonia. Police were also planning to question Taneski on the 2003 disappearance of a 78 year old woman. All of these women were poor, uneducated cleaners, which was also how Taneski's mother earned a living. The victims had known Taneski's mother personally. According to police, the articles contained information which was not released to the public. Differing from all other reports published in the Macedonian press on the murders, Taneski knew, for example, that the killer used telephone cord to bind the victim and that the same cord was left on the scene from the murderer. Taneski was arrested on 22nd June 2008 after his DNA was matched to the semen found on the victims. He was charged with the murder of two of the women and and the police were preparing to charge him with the murder of the third. The next day Taneski was found dead in his prison cell. He had drowned in a bucket of water; police said that his death was apparently suicide.