How do you get ready for a date?

Some of us wax, Lots of us drink and a couple of worrywarts write down conversation topics. What on earth are we talking about? Getting ready for a date, that's what!

Getting ready for date

The UK's biggest dating site,, has researched how Brits get ready before that big night. And apparently, your favourite pre-date rituals all depend on what part of the country you're from.

A whopping 95% of ladies from the north-west copy the TOWIE cast and get some colour with a sunbed. Meanwhile, London men have an Alex Reid-style gym sesh to get themselves pumped for love. And singles in Northern Ireland are twice as likely to opt for a quick wax than the national average!


  • Londoners are more than twice as likely to hit the gym before a date.
  • 85% are also more likely to listen a motivational song while they get ready.


  • If you're from the Midlands, you're twice as likely to get your teeth whitened.
  • You're also 5% more likely to skip taking a pre-date shower (almost 1 in 5 don’t!). We don't judge.


  • These are Britain’s most hygienic daters with 90% taking a shower before they head out.


  • This lot are twice as likely to go for a wax in preparation for a date.
  • 15% also say that they prepare conversation topics in advance of a date.


  • 95% of daters from this region are more likely to go for a sunbed or apply fake tan ahead of a date!
  • 8% say that they do no preparation at all (higher than anywhere else in the UK). That's a confident bunch then.
  • However, only 72% of these men will shave before a date - the lowest in the UK. Designer stubble or just lazy?


  • They're 40% more likely to have a swift drink before a first date.
  • Over 90% are also likely to get their hair done. Half of all Geordie girls will get a haircut!
  • 38% of girls would go out without shaving their legs, the highest in the UK. Really?!


  • More than 20% of Welsh daters opt for a tipple before a date to calm their nerves (second only to Geordies).
  • Welsh women are 12% more likely to shave their legs, and Welsh men are most likely to get their hair done. We wouldn't complain.


  • Yorkshire daters are 65% more likely to don an item of lucky clothing, such as lucky underwear.
  • 10% of women say that it takes them between two and three hours to get ready.


57% in the South East will try to arrange a second date when still on a first date if they like the person. Almost a quarter (23%) of females opt for a drop of Dutch courage.


  • Scottish lasses spend an average of 59 minutes each preparing.
  • Scots are less likely than any other region to go to the gym before a big date.