How to snog: Advice From An Expert

As an indicator of how a man's going to be in the sack, being on the receiving end of a rushed and unpassionate kiss can be more than awful. In fact, a disappointing snog could make you think twice about a second date. So take things into your own hands and read our advice on how to snog to make sure your first kiss is memorable for the right reasons.

How to snog: Advice From An Expert

The perfect kiss

According to William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing, there IS such a thing as the perfect kiss. "Usually a perfect kiss involves some element of bliss associated with the romantic connection two people feel, combined with a sexual charge that can occur because it's a first kiss or a kiss in a nice location or because the kiss has special emotional significance," says Cane.

And while it's true that not every kiss can be charged with emotion or significance, even regular everyday kisses can serve to strengthen your relationship (or simply make you want to tear off his clothes), if you apply a few practical tips.

Men like tongue

"Girls need to keep one thing in mind and that is the fact that guys like tongue kisses," says Cane. "In fact most men only know two types of kisses, a chaste little lip kiss and a tongue kiss, also called a French kiss."

If you feel confident that you can handle his tongue, first make sure you have fresh breath, soft lip-balmed lips and a little privacy – then go for it. Open your mouth, explore a little with your tongue, keeping things slow to start with… you'll soon get the idea.

When kissing, we tend to give what we like to receive, so be aware of what your partner is doing for you and give some of it back to him. Make sure you get a bit of what you want too though.

"Because women are more other-centered, they also need to keep in mind that kissing isn't just about pleasing your partner," says Cane. "Don't just do what you think he wants. Do things to please yourself, and make sure that he kisses you the way you like too."

Vary your technique

The key to mind-blowing snogging is variety. Says Cane: "Don't fall into the trap of doing the same old kiss over and over. Try moving your lips down to his neck and ears. Try nibbling on his lower lip. Speed up your tongue action and then slow it down during French kisses. Variety will keep your partner guessing and keep you having fun.”

If you're in a steady relationship, a good way to spice things up is to talk about your kissing preferences, but choose a time when you're not actually kissing to discuss it. Cane gives the example of "one gal (who) said she loved being kissed on her ears but her boyfriend never kissed her there because to him it was boring. All she needed to do was simply tell him what she liked."

Rehearse in your head

Shyness isn't conducive to sexy kissing and the best cure for it is mental rehearsal. "If you're shy about kissing a particular person, rehearse the kiss in your mind up to 20 times before the event," says Cane.

"Go through all the details. By the time you meet them for that date, you'll have developed more confidence than ever and you may surprise yourself at what you'll do."

William Cane is the founder of The Kissing Show and