Nutrition Advice for Better Sex

If things have started to slow down in the bedroom department, there’s no need to spend a fortune on hotel rooms fancy nights out to try and spice things up.

Better sex

To help get those libidos going again, you don’t even need to head anywhere near the bedroom – it’s the kitchen you need. That’s right. Throw away the Ann Summers catalogue right now and pick up a recipe book instead.

Eat, drink and be very merry…

It makes sense that the better you feel about your body, the more confidence you have and the more inclined you are to get naked. If you only ever have sex with the lights turned off because you’re worried about the way you look, you might want to think about a change in diet. In no way, shape or form should you starve yourself, but take a look at the different kinds of foods available that are known to help boost sex drives. You get to eat some gorgeous grub and have fun in the bedroom…what more could you want?

Check your shopping lists

Good nutrition is the starting point to better sex and the great news is that many of the nutrients vital to help sexual performance are already in most people’s average shopping lists. Diets that contain a combination of legumes, grains, complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and protein are considered the healthiest. A mixture of these nutrients will inevitably improve your mood and give you energy…exactly what’s needed for better sex. Why not test your knowledge of aphrodisiacs with our fun quiz.

Keep it sweet

For those who have a sweet tooth, you’ll be delighted to hear that dark chocolate contains a compound which releases the same endorphins triggered by sex. The Journal of Sexual Medicine discovered that those who eat at least a cube of dark chocolate a day experience greater desire and better sexual function then those who didn’t. So make sure you stock up on the chocolate advent calendars this year.

Getting fruity

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution states that humans evolved from apes and they were clearly onto a good thing when it came to their main food source. Putting aside all the Carry On images that go hand in hand with the phallic looking fruit, bananas help to release serotonin (the ‘happy chemical’) into your bloodstream, helping you to feel calm and lifting your mood at the same time. They also contain potassium, a mineral that increases muscle strength, which is crucial to orgasms.

Zeal for Zinc

It’s claimed oysters are one of the main aphrodisiacs, but let’s face it, they’re not the most attractive things to look at. However, they do contain zinc, a compound that is directly related to sexual function. The great news is that zinc is found is high levels in all kinds of seafood, in addition to meat, eggs, milk, nuts and whole grains.

Keep hydrated

If you’re going to be busy in the bedroom, you need to keep yourself hydrated and certain drinks will actually help to improve your sex drive. Water is good for the body on so many levels as it flushes out toxins and keeps you feeling and looking better. But did you know that certain fruit juices can also help? Pomegranate juice is known for being rich in anti-oxidants, which allows blood to flow more freely around the body – a major component for good sex.

Coffee lovers will also be happy to hear that, on average, they have higher libidos than those who don’t touch caffeine. Our old friend serotonin, is released into the blood stream which helps to improve our moods.

And the turn offs…

It’s all well and good following a diet that will help you and your partner increase your libido, but it’s also important to know what not to add to the shopping list. Alcohol is probably the most obvious component in any diet that contributes to a lack of sex drive. It can have a hugely depressive effect as well as causing impotence, leading to disaster in the bedroom.

Another major turn off are foods that are high in saturated fats, so cut down on the takeaways. These fats build up cholesterol which restricts blood circulation: in short, if your nether regions aren’t getting the necessary circulation, the body can’t respond to the demands of the sex drive.

By following a better, healthier diet you may just be able to eat and drink your way to much better sex.