The Truth About... Even Better Sex

You're into him; he thinks you're the bees knees and your bedroom antics are mighty fine - so ask yourself this: is it time to move on? If the idea of even better sex with your man appeals to you, here are a few suggestions to lift your intimate moments up the satisfaction scale...

Better sex

Sex, version 2.0

You meet, you like, you move closer... and closer... and... just... touching... and oooh... And so your sexual relationship begins: Sex version 1.0.

Unwrapping the packaging for the first time, you are absolute beginners on the first level of an exciting new experience. This is the bit when you see each other naked for the first time, luxuriate in the thrill of the other's body and love turning each other on. As often as possible.

Then, to prevent the wear and tear that can result from overuse, your sex life tends to quieten down as you settle into the routine of being together. The sweet and sticky honeymoon period comes to an end and mad, crazy lust settles down with a cup of Earl Grey, a nice biscuit and some comfortable socks.

However, what also emerges with time and familiarity is a greater understanding of your partner's mind and body - precisely the assets that can springboard you onto the next level of intimacy... Welcome to Sex, version 2.0.

It's all in the mind...

Forget all that cat killing nonsense, curiosity is a great trait in a lover. The minute you think you know it all, your sex life will hit a plateau and stay there. The best lovers keep the spirit of adventure and know that there's always more to discover because we are always changing.

When you know each other well, your love life slips into familiar patterns which don't necessarily recognise or accommodate these changes. Sex version 2.0 needs you to look at things differently - to be the explorer who takes a different route. One of the best ways to do this is to play a few mind games - of the nicest kind.

Helen had been going out with Mike for three years and one Friday after work, they both decided to go out on their own and pull a stranger in a bar - with the condition that they were the strangers.

They 'met' in a pub and he offered to buy her something long, cool and alcoholic. There was a fair amount of giggling on her part and some horrendous overacting on his, but a few vodkas lead to a restaurant and eventually they went 'back to hers'.