The truth about... One Night Stands

One night stands are either an accident or an adventure. The impact of the accident may be the equivalent of a stubbed toe or a motorway pile-up, depending on the situation. The excitement of the adventure? Well, that's down to you and your insignificant other...

The truth about... One Night Stands

What's it all about?

Research by the University of Sheffield reveals nine out of ten women think one night stands were immoral. However, other surveys suggest that over half the population have actually had one - so what's it to be?

a) A searing night of never-to-be-repeated passion - you are sex in female form, you rock, you roll, you are a wanton harlot with an ear-to-ear grin, or

b) An appalling error of judgment destined to be take up permanent residence under 'Oh my god, what was I thinking?'

The accident waiting to happen?

A one night stand is about no-strings sex. Of course, this falls on its head when one half of the equation wants to follow up with a relationship. If at all possible, manage expectations beforehand or very gently afterwards.

Waking up with a hangover next to ‘the man with no name’ - at least, not one that you can remember – is never a great start to the day.While a little alcohol will shed inhibitions, too much ruins your judgement. Beer goggles aren’t just a guy thing… Fall asleep next to Brad Pitt, wake up next to Paul Daniels – it’s magic!

Condoms, are your best friends - surely everyone knows that by know ladies! You don’t know exactly where your lover has been, so a condom tucked away in your purse - as long as you use it - will protect you from STIs and pregnancy.

Be safe. If you go back to his, send a friend a text to let them know where you are and if you feel uneasy about anything, walk out the door. And, always make sure you have the cab fare.

The adventure of a lifetime

The flip side of all of this is that sex with no strings can be a mind-blowingly liberating experience and the chance to do things you wouldn’t normally dare to do. You have no past together and probably no future, but you do have the potential for one hell of a present.

A one night stand tends to be the result of sizzling chemistry and body language that screams louder than words. If you do open your mouth to speak, ply each other with sexy compliments (not naff chat up lines) and tell him what you want.

If you’ve just come out of a long-term relationship or are just too busy to put the energy into a full-time commitment, a one-off liaison can make you feel fantastic, as long as you play it right and safe.