The truth about... Seduction

The sexiest, darkest, most potent kind of foreplay, seduction has associations with illicit, even immoral behaviour and the most inappropriate goings on, but somehow this just makes it more exciting...

The truth about... Seduction

What’s it all about?

Strip the word down to its bare essentials and seduction means to entice someone into sexual activity, with the rather sticky overtones of persuading them to do something that they really shouldn’t, and normally wouldn’t, do. The idea of being seduced, however wicked that may be, is obviously a hot one.

Why might I like it?

Damaging affairs and dubious sexual scenarios aside, seduction is a heady fantasy. It is about relinquishing control and letting someone else take the lead. It is about the chase, the moment, the conquest, the passion and the sex itself. Which is invariably steamy. And it’s not just men who do the seducing.

Five top tips on getting it right

Numerous websites will give you the best in ‘fast seduction techniques’. This is ideal for the lazy, unimaginative lover who rates sex by the efficiency with which their partner hurtles from 0 to orgasm.

1. Don't reveal too much

There is no fast track to seduction. It is a slow, sensual process and it’that's more about razor-sharp attitude than looking drop-dead gorgeous. Don’t reveal too much of what’s going on under your clothes. Seduction is suggestion rather than statement. Let him mentally undress you numerous times before you spoil the fun.

2. Give him your undivided attention

Your aim is to make him feel understood and consequently that you can give him what he wants. Being attentive and really listening can be very seductive. The greatest lovers make their intended feel like the most important person in the room, the most attractive, the most interesting. And when someone feels like that, they will seek out your company to keep those good feelings flowing.

3. Stay in control

The role of the seductress is to know more about what is going to happen next than he does. You are in control, so when and where you meet, talk and spend time together should be dictated by you.

And then there’s the moment when you touch… Don’t rush that part. The longer you make him wait, the more intense it will be. By the time you get there, he should be willing to sell his own mother for the chance to run his fingers across your skin.

4. Location, location, location...

You need a seductive space to work your magic so choose your location wisely. Enticing ‘the one who will be yours’ into a flat decorated with yesterday’s knickers and a half eaten bowl of cornflakes will be too much information. However, an evening spent in the dark, atmospheric recesses of a moody little bar or restaurant is far more conducive. Lingering eye contact and a couple of glasses of wine in his bloodstream will enhance the effects of your undivided attention.

5. Leave him wanting more

Make the unspoken promise that his experience of you has only just begun. Even if you’ve been together for years, there’s no reason why he has to know everything all of the time, unless you choose to spread it out on a plate.