The truth about... Sex In Unusual Places

For all those who have fled the 'normality' of the bedroom to experience something precarious and exciting elsewhere (or thought very hard about it), this one's for you.

The truth about... Sex In Unusual Places

What's it all about?

Sex in unusual places is about getting it on outside the box. The more creative you are for you, the better the buzz. According to one Durex survey, the most common place for adults to have sex outside their bedroom is in the car (50%), followed by toilets (39%), parent's bedroom (36%) and the park (31%).

But the potential doesn't end there. Sex in unusual places (SIUP) can be divided into several categories.

Common categories for sex in unusual places.

1. 'Particularly Undignified'

This generally involves small spaces, fumbling with zips, falling over one's own knickers and getting caught on gear sticks, broom handles or inside when they lock up for the night.

Likely venues: Cupboards, staircases, stock rooms, stationary vehicles, toilets and cinemas.

2. 'Going Back To Nature'

Throwing caution to the wind and underwear into the bushes, there are many who love being liberated from the confines of bricks and mortar.

Likely venues: Hilltops, the sea, fields, woods and beaches (airfields, cemeteries, playing fields and balconies also fall into this category and are particularly popular at night).

3. 'Around The Home'

It may be that SIUP 3 is the first tentative step on a slippery slope that will end up out the front door, but for the minute - perhaps they've only just moved in - indulging passions on the parquet flooring with no risk of interruption is good enough.

Likely venues: The washing machine, in the shower, in the living room.... Actually, you can probably guess the rest yourself... (interestingly, toilets are unlikely to feature).

4. 'Miscellaneous'

If two people are really into the idea of having sex right here, right now, there is little to stop them - except the law.

Likely venues: offices, moving vehicles, libraries, climbing frames and swimming pools.