The Truth About... Spanking

Some say no pain no gain, but when it comes to spanking in the bedroom, would you turn the other cheek? We get to the bottom of the spanking issue....


According to a Durex Global Sex Survey, 29% of Britons include spanking in their sexual repertoire - a disturbing thought for anyone who would rather edge out of the boudoir backwards than flash their partner the merest glimpse of naked buttocks.

However, those who appreciate a good slap on the bottom would say that this is rather the point. If the fantasy takes you, some awkwardness and embarrassment is worth getting over.

What's it all about?

Like most things sexual, spanking plays with the mind as much as the body. It's about willing submission, it's about trusting your partner and their feelings for you and it's about loving your body and showing it off, being provocative and teasing. You're offering your beloved something that they can only have because you let them.

Why might I like it?

Sex is about experimentation, about finding different ways to give each other pleasure - and being fun, being exciting, and satisfying your curiosity safely.

Spanking is about role-playing - it can be coy, flirty or downright dirty. Your chosen personae may be that of a naughty schoolgirl and headmaster or a high-powered businesswoman and her junior assistant seeking distraction from a late night in the office...

Any tips on getting it right?

It's all about testing physical boundaries. There’s really no need to go hell for leather. In most cases, it’s about a little light exertion to bring a healthy glow to the cheeks…

However, the slight sting of a firmer smack awakens not just the skin of the bottom. Spanking heightens all the senses, which can give any subsequent sexual contact a far greater urgency and intensity.

Spanking is about speed, rhythm and timing. Hit the right spot in the right way and delicious little vibrations make their way netherwards with a sexual charge all their own.

There is no need for bruises and the shape of a hand imprinted on your bottom for days to come, but a slight soreness the next morning may be a sexy reminder of the previous night’s encounter. As the song said, try a little tenderness – but always on your own terms.