More sex please we're British facts!

Who wins the title as the ‘World’s sexiest’? Forget the frisky French and lusty Latinos, there's a new breed of red hot European lovers in town - The British! According to our Really Sexy Survey we're a randy lot indeed...

More sex please we’re British! The proof that Brits are no l

More than 2,000 men and women were questioned for the Really Sexy Survey to celebrate the premiere of our new series Sex Rehab with Dr Drew as part of our Really Honest Sex Season.

The open-minded participants had to give honest answers and respond to subjects ranging from STDs to penis size satisfaction.

'Brace yourself' is no longer the favourite method of foreplay - our sex survey reveals this is a country that is no longer happy to just lie back and think of England.

Racy results

Most people have sex twice a week!

Sex typically lasts around 20 minutes, but for one in six it's all over within a speedy ten minutes.

53% of Brits admit have had a one night stand

If you live in Scotland that number increases to 60%.

Nearly a third of thrill-seeking Brits have had sex outside

Rising to 38% in the South West. One in 20 polled have even indulged in carnal pleasure in the back row of the cinema.

Brits think about sex at least three times a day

The average person thinks about sex 21 times a week or more than a 1,000 times a year.

Three in ten Brits prefer doggy style

In Scotland this increases to 41%!

A surprising 56% of us like sex better with the lights off

Although more sexually adventurous, it seems we still have our body hang-ups.

77% of women are happy with their partner's penis size

But only 40% of men are happy with their member's measurements - one in six would reach for a penis pump for a quick boost.

44% of Brits own a sex toy

The most popular item being a vibrator (32%). Followed by vibrating cock rings (15%), love beads (8%) and blow-up dolls (3%).

Brits have had an average of 11 sexual partners in total

Those in the North East have had the most sexual partners (averaging 14) and the East Midlands remain the more pious of the nation (averaging eight).

One in 20 have met a partner through Facebook

And 11% have had sex with someone they had met online through a chatroom or dating site.

Three in ten racy Brits admit they watch porn online by themselves

And one in six do so with their partner.

A whopping three in ten dishonest Brits have cheated on their partner

This rises to 32% in the North East

Almost a third of Brits wait five dates or more before doing the deed

However a cheeky 11% do it before they even get to the first date.

13% of people have pet names for their genitalia

These include 'Foofoo', 'Fangita', 'Grumpy' and 'Willy Batman'

One in six adults from Yorkshire admit to catching an STD

This compares with just 3% in Northern Ireland.