Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane

As far as mysteries go, the story of Keli Lane is in a league of its own. The Case of Keli Lane is the stranger than fiction saga of a young sports star from Sydney’s northern beaches convicted of a terrible crime: the murder of her two-day old baby, Tegan, on September 14, 1996. The prosecution argued Keli Lane, who at the time of baby Tegan’s birth was aged 21, had killed her newborn daughter because having a child would have interfered with her goal to play water polo for Australia at the 2000 Olympic Games. It was argued Keli Lane disposed of Tegan’s body within a matter of hours after leaving hospital to attend a friend’s wedding that same afternoon. Incredibly, Keli Lane managed to conceal her pregnancy and the birth, keeping it a secret from family, friends, and even her boyfriend. All claim they had no idea she was pregnant. She even played competitive water polo throughout the pregnancy. Strap yourself in for the ride.

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