Most Haunted Halloween Special
Available FIRST on UKTV Play this Halloween

The Most Haunted Halloween Special is a 2 hour, unedited investigation of HMP Shrewsbury. It will be available on Monday 31st October on UKTV Play to watch on demand online and on your mobile devices. It will then air at 10pm on Thursday 3rd November on Really as part of #LockdownThursday.

Halloween 2016 is about to get even scarier as Most Haunted embark on an MH first, a full unedited broadcast of the global phenomena that is their Halloween Special.

As well as its successful recorded series Most Haunted is known for its Halloween Broadcasts and this year we are bringing a new strand to the brand.

Yvette Fielding and her famous Most Haunted Team are off to the deserted HMP Shrewsbury, where executions took place, dark shadows appear, full apparitions manifest, sad cries of long dead inmates are heard and evil is said to lurk, for a two hour Halloween Special.

HMP Shrewsbury has already proved itself to be a formidable place to the team and the viewers alike in series 4 and although Yvette vowed never to return she has risen to viewers challenge and is going back this one time for a night she, and the rest of team, will never forget.

Recorded before Halloween the show will be a mix of the ‘Live’ and ‘Series’ shows. With the teams searching every part of the building with elements of the series while incorporating the intensity, fear and panic of the live.

Most Haunted is embarking on a new dimension in fear...will you join us?

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