My Dad's On Death Row

This gripping true crime story explores the agony of two daughters whose fathers are on death row. John Battaglia was due to be picked up by the police after violating his parole again. He was granted one last visit with his daughters, nine-year-old Faith and six-year-old Liberty. He shot them both. Coy Wesbrook was sentenced to death for killing five people in one minute, and is just hours from execution by lethal injection. He's deemed by his lawyer to be mentally impaired and therefore not fully responsible for his actions, but has exhausted all his appeals. The only hope Coy has are the picketing protesters outside the prison walls. His story is also told via his daughter as she recounts her father's crime and the impact it has had on the remaining family. This gripping crime documentary was made with unrestricted access to a Texan prison, and some of its most notorious inmates. Two case studies, both featuring horrific murders, are outlined in detail with chilling interviews with the killers, along with heart-breaking and emotional interviews with the daughters and families they left behind.