About Spendaholics

The Spendaholics team tame out-of-control spenders and help them tighten their purse strings.


Recession? What recession? In Shopaholics we meet people who will not and cannot stop shopping.

Meet Stuart Hicks, whose excessive spending on designer fashion labels and rare Japanese robots have led to a £20,000 debt and the ruin of his long-term relationship. Jay enlists the help of psychological coach Benjamin Fry, who helps him deal with anger at leaving his family home at age 16.

Jay and Benjamin also meet Matthew, whose shopping habit of has left him with wardrobes of unwanted clothes; Roxanne, who tries to emulate her Hollywood heroes' spending habits; and Essex girl Shannon, whose £22,000 salary isn't enough to cope with her expensive lifestyle, which includes five maxed-out credit cards.