About The Big Day

Your all-important wedding plans, from corsages to catering... left to your family.

About The Big Day

Preparing to tie the knot? If you think things are stressful trying to organise a wedding, take yourself and your partner out of the equation and prepare to see what happens when these couples leave all the planning and dilemmas to their nearest and dearest.

Nick Knowles, perhaps better known for his home makeover shows, presents the series, ably assisted by stylist Hannah Sandling and international wedding guru James Love (surely his name is a sign!). Each episode, important decisions about confetti, corsages, cake and veil become a thing of the past as a couple hand over all the plans for their wedding to their families. They only discover the results - including the all-important wedding dress, when they see them on the big day itself.

Says Nick: "It's supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but very often the stresses and strains of organisation and family feuds can make it one of the most trying. We remove the bride and groom from this stress and ramp up all the pressure on the two families by forcing them to make all the decisions with all the consequences you would expect."

With only five full days to make all the arrangements, Nick Knowles will pull out all the stops and, where necessary, bring in additional expertise to work alongside the family members to make the wedding day special – from top florists, cake makers, DJs, public speakers, bands, artists, to entertainers and jewellers.

The Big Day gives both sides of the family a unique opportunity to genuinely get to know each other - and makes for fantastic viewing, so don't miss it!