Steve Ward's top 15 dating rules

Steve has 100 rules you need to follow in order to transform yourself from frog date to dream date. Here are our top 15 faves...

Steve Ward's top 15 dating rules

#1. Don't be weird.

#2. Get a little closer. Send the guy some signals. Don't just play with your hair. Make eye contact. Gaze at his lips. And if all else fails, kiss him yourself.

#3. There's no room for hypocrisy in dating. If you won't date guys older than you, don't expect younger guys to want to date you.

#4. Approach everything with an open mind. If a guy senses you're closed-minded, he's gonna think you're high-maintenance too.

#5. When revealing secrets, turn a negative into a positive. Don't just let him in on a negative experience. Tell him how it's helped you grow.

#6. When asking out a guy, try not to be nervous. Most guys love being asked out since they're usually the ones doing the asking. So be confident and direct.

#7. A partial truth is still a lie. Telling only half the truth is like being a little bit pregnant.

#8. Keep the past in the past. Past relationships are a lot like passing gas in public. It's best to pretend it never happened.

#9. Don't bring wedding plans up on a date, or else a guy's going to think you're biological clock is more like a stopwatch.

#10. Don't try to out-think love. Love is emotional, not cerebral. Sometimes you can be so smart it makes you stupid. Find out if he's on your level.

#11. Shut your yap. Women, I know you want the guy to get to know you so you both could feel more comfortable. But when you give the guy too much information you're going to ruin the fantasy and he's not gonna want to come back for more.

#12. A first date is never a good time to air your dirty laundry.

#13. Don't assume the guy you're dating looks at a dollar bill the same way you do. Everyone has a different relationship with money.

#14. Don't use a secret as a weapon. Reveal it in a way that makes you bond, not one that sends him running for cover.

#15. Everybody gets rejected, but it's important to try to learn something from it.